Social Media Marketing Process

1. Effortless content and campaign planning

Coordinate and schedule content with intuitive social media planning tools in a centralized calendar and quick filters for campaign tags, content types, networks and profiles.

2. Integrated multimedia and creative tools

Easily incorporate native video and multi-image posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use image editing tools for text overlay, retouching and crop optimization.

3. Campaign engagement and moderation

Track campaigns, easily engage and tag messages from the Smart Inbox—a single, filterable stream to monitor keywords, hashtags, ad engagement and organic profile activity.

4. Identify and create brand advocates

Create tasks and reference contextual information to identify and intelligently engage with leads turning your social media marketing campaigns into tangible ROI.

5. Social media marketing analytics suite

Access content performance stats, profile and cross-network insights and competitive benchmarking to track success and audience growth across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

6. Identify themes, trends and influencers

Uncover topics and hashtags that matter to your audience and intelligently refine your content and campaigns with trend and influencer analysis for Twitter and Instagram.

7. End-to-end tag and campaign reporting

Unified tag management system works across the social inbox and calendar creating truly comprehensive campaign reporting for engagement and publishing.

8. Sophisticated attribution with URL tracking

Easily track campaigns, referral traffic and conversions from social posts with and Google Analytics integrations.