Gaming Development Services

1. PC official website

Provide the latest game development service for PC users. Entertainment game services such as  candy distribution, game Raiders inquiry, etc. Simple operation management, attract new players, retain old users.

● Game Zone                   ● Gift Package                            ● Game Information
● Points Mall                    ● Game Classification             ●Customer Service Center

2. Game box APP

Can be downloaded on the phone, the player can get the gift package, and check the game guide announcement. Player can also redeem point exchange for gifts.

● Game download          ● Gift package collection       ● Game information
● Point Mall                        ● Game recommendation     ● Game sharing

3. Backend management system

Synchronous management of PC game, WAP and APP. ARPU analysis, retention rate analysis, site management, district service management, user friendly.

● Game Management            ● User Management         ● Data Statistics
● Retention rate analysis     ● Site management  ●District service management

4. WAP station

Compatible with different memory compatibility, users can quickly register and log in to the mobile side and quick download. Show different types of game downloads, Entertainment game services such as gift package collection, game Raiders inquiry, etc.

● Game Zone                       ● Gift Package                 ● Game Information
● Game classification      ● Game ranking               ● Game opening service

5. Exclusive channel SDK

Integrated user login, top up, third party login, gift collection and other functions seamlessly interfaces with game characters.

● One-click registration              ●Third-party login       ● Multiple payment
● Switch account                           ●Visitor login                  ● Customer service center

6. Marketing system

Provide multi-level promotion of mobile games, support CPS and CPA Mode, promotion system can develop secondary promotion system, investment promotion Alliance, sub-servicing promotion and offline promotion.

● Players Top Up                 ● Game packaging                   ● Registration statistics
● Top Up statistics              ● Gamer chart                            ● Commission Distributio