Forex Platform Licenses

The MetaTrader trading platform virtually rules over the world of retail forex and CFD trading. It comes in two versions: MT4 and MT5. It’s mostly up to brokers to choose to offer both trading platforms to their clients, or just one of them. Small brokers could establish by obtaining a white label or grey label license.

MT4 license

: MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is only available through a White label agreement on an existing Brokers license, because MetaQuotes has discontinued sales of the MT4 Server license.

MT5 license

: Starting a brokerage business with MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a fast and easy procedure. With this full-featured complete-cycle platform, you can organize brokerage services with no additional software.

The platform is available in three different options, and you can choose the one that best suits your business model and plans for the dynamic business growth. You can select and purchase the license type that is more suitable for your business model, current volumes and future development plans.

Three license types — Entry, Standard and Enterprise contain different numbers of real accounts and sets of system components, included in the default delivery set.

This flexible approach allows you to purchase an initial license and immediately enter the financial market as a new broker with minimal investment. You can further upgrade the license and add more components to cover the needs of your growing business.

The Entry license is a fully functional system delivery plan which is suitable for both start-up and small companies. The license provides business capacity of 1,000 real accounts. The main trade server provides high-performance capability to effectively service both: real and demo accounts.

The Standard license offers 25,000 default real accounts capacity reserve for your current business needs, enough to support dynamic business growth. Trade servers enable you to gain distributed trades processing capacity.

This license type allows you to organize your business core in distributed way within one system for higher business flexibility, productivity, performance and reliability.

The Standard License is a cost-efficient standard system delivery plan that would effectively surpass the current and long-term future business capacity needs for the majority of established medium-to-large size companies.

The Enterprise license is a cost-effective ultimate system configuration plan with a power-pack of 200,000 default real accounts capacity reserve. This configuration plan is ready to fire-up the most demanding heavy-duty business capacity requirements, and includes a complete set of all available system components, together with a set of high-performance trade servers. The Enterprise license delivers massive scaling and distributed trades processing power within one system to support all business operations.
This solution is ideal for large established institutions such as banks and liquidity providers operating on multiple markets and serving very large and diverse client-base.

White label

– Our white label solutions provide you with access to new markets quickly and cost-effectively, under your own brand. We provide fully customizable turn-key solutions that deliver everything you need to provide your customers with access to thousands of global markets, under your own brand. We can have your business up and running quickly, typically within 6-8 weeks.

– Award winning MT4/MT5 trading platforms
– Full branding under your name
– Comprehensive, value-adding support services to your clients
– Opportunities to grow your client base
– Customized platforms to suit your requirements

Grey label

Planning to start Forex Brokerage at low cost? MT4 & MT5 Grey Label can be your best option. They come as Low Cost Forex Software but work perfectly great. MT4 & MT5 Grey Label Solution helps aspiring forex brokers start small at low cost and scale up as the business grows.

Grey Label platform, also known as “Generic White Label“ is the first step of starting a small Online Forex Trading Brokerage business. Basically people believe that Grey Label is nothing more than a manager account belonging to a White Label provider with special groups set and run a B book forex business.

Grey Label user may also set his clients leverage, stop out levels, margin call levels, margins and symbol contract sizes as per their own business policies. Grey Label user can have different kind of agreements which can be decided according to user need and possibilities. By this way, Grey Label user will enjoy a hybrid forex solution easily and grow their business. Also having a partnership agreement with MT4 & MT5 license holder will give a legal umbrella for this type of business.