Forex Liquidity

We at ABD works with global professional who provide liquidity services. Our partner has been working within the Forex industry for over 20 years. This knowledge and experience enables ABD to
understand and provide all our clients demands and needs.

Our mission is to deliver the best customer experience for liquidity service in the financial
industry, which means we will provide not only the best quote and order execution, but also the best customer service and technical support.

Our commitment is to offer clients competitive spreads and Enhanced Execution. Enhanced Execution means no re-quotes, no stop/limit restrictions, and up to 88% of orders are executed at the requested price or better.

Who are ABD’s FX liquidity providers and prime brokers?

ABD’s liquidity providers include global banks, financial institutions and other market makers. ABD Group currently has a number of liquidity providers, including but not limited to: – Barclays Bank, PLC – Citadel Securities LLC – Citibank N.A. – Deutsche Bank AG – FASTMATCH INC – XTX Markets Limited – UBS AG – Morgan Stanley & Co., LLC – and Jefferies Financial Services, Inc. ABD also has a number of Liquidity providers that stream pricing through the FastMatch Electronic Communication Network. ABD’s Prime Brokers include Citibank N.A. and Jefferies Financial Services, Inc.

How do liquidity providers compete?

Each liquidity provider streams through a direct feed of executable buy and sell prices to ABD. ABD’s Price Engine selects the best buy price and the best sell price, which result in the best available spread. ABD’s spreads are transparent and some of the lowest in the industry. ABD is the counterparty to all trades that a client undertakes. In no way does a liquidity provider act as the manufacturer or counter party in the context of any transaction with a client.

Liquidity providers are also ranked by their order rejection rate, spreads, and latency. ABD constantly evaluates and monitors the ranking of our liquidity providers and takes any appropriate actions if necessary aiming to provide best available price to our clients. Through assessing our liquidity providers’ execution performance together with our internal risk management framework, ABD may; offset the trade directly and immediately with external counter parties, match the trade against that of another client, batch and offset multiple trades in blocks, or chose to hold the other side of the trade. By holding ourselves and our liquidity providers to such high standards, we strive to provide the best possible customer experience.

How do a trade take place?

When a trader places an order and if ABD chooses to hedge the positions immediately with liquidity provider(s), an exact matching order is sent from ABD to the liquidity provider that is providing the best price. For example, a buy order in the example above would go to liquidity provider #2. To the liquidity provider, all orders appear as Market Orders from ABD and contain no information about the trader. Since your stops, limits, and your entry orders are invisible to these price providers, we create an environment free of price manipulation. When we combine this with no re-quote trading you have the opportunity to confidently trade all market conditions, even during key news events.