Sourcing Products Categories

We will import your products from China. Whatever your product, there is a very good chance that we can supply it to you at the right price. Our service includes the customization and branding of a wide variety of products from an approved network of Chinese manufacturers.

Standard Products
– From a given specification or from an existing sample

Bespoke Products
– An existing product modified to customer specification or a completely new product design

Multiple Components
– Manufacturing product parts from multiple sources.

Below is the lists just some of the products that we have successfully sourced.
Enquiries are also invited from you for products in any other market sector not shown.:

– cosmetics-skincare
– pregnancy-healthcare
– gifts-seasonal-party
– hotel supplies
– stationery-publishing
– promotional
– ceramic-kitchenware
– garment steamers
– bamboo & wood products
– furniture-flooring
– tableware-cookware
– bathroom-kitchen-tiles
– garden-landscaping
– fitness-sport
– packaging-display
– home-pet
– camping -the outdoors
– bike-auto-accessories
– disposable covers & clothing
– building supplies
– power tools-diy-security
– industrial workwear
– machined parts
– production machines