Our Sourcing Services Advantages

A professional service you can trust

ABD work with SME, Corporate and Start-up businesses throughout the China. We invite you to join our existing customers, who demand and receive the same quality and service that they would expect from a good local supplier but at, sometimes substantially, reduced costs. These customers put their trust in us; we don’t let them down and we will not let you down.

All inclusive “Factory to Warehouse” quotes

Quotes are normally FOB ( Free on Board); the quote is all inclusive “from factory to your warehouse” i.e. there is nothing more to pay. We are also happy to quote CIF where customers have their own logistics facilities.

Extremely competitive pricing

Cost is one of the main reasons why importing from China is profitable to many businesses. Where a cost is negotiable, ABD have the clout to get the best possible factory prices and freight handling rates so when you receive a quote for the manufacture and delivery of your product, you can be assured that it is “probably the best price possible”.

Quality assured, approved manufacturers

To achieve the level of success we enjoy, we source manufacturers that have a track record of producing quality products, on time, according to a given specification and at, sometimes substantially, reduced costs. All manufacturers

Your direct link to Chinese factories through English speaking staff based in the Asia

Our Head Office have English and Chinese speaking people looking after your order at all stages from order to completion; carrying out essential pre-production and pre-shipping inspections to ensure that your products are exactly as ordered. We provide major supermarkets with seasonal products where late is not an option; we supply the emergency services where continuity of supply is essential and we will use the same system to look after you.

The highest level of customer support and service levels

We establishes a good working relationship between you, ABD and the manufacturer. It also allows us to consistently achieve customer targets, company goals and high Service Level Standards well beyond delivery. As a customer of ABD, you can expect the same level of customer support and service; making importing from China a hassle-free and cost effective experience.

Offices and Inspection Agents based in China

Inspection; Inspection; Inspection. When you ask ABD to import your products from China, you can rest assured that before they get on the vessel on their way to your warehouse, there has been inspections at every stage of the operation.

Factory Inspections cover everything from the ability to produce the item required, production capacity to ensure that they can cope with additional orders and most important; meeting the people who will be responsible for ensuring that your product is shipped as specified. Product inspections are carried out by our own agents based in China; these are carried out during production and prior to shipping. Nothing is left to chance.