Products Sourcing Process

Step 1: Confirming Your Requirements

– Product Details
: Confirm product specification,
: Packaging & Artwork
: Certification requirements
: Order Quantities

– Exchange Samples
: Match factory samples from Customer’s spec or samples

– Lead Time
: Confirm RELIABLE lead-time between factory and customer, obtain factory commitment

Step 2: Selecting The Manufacturer

– Factory ISO Standards
: Confirm factory experience, production capabilities, accreditation and ethical standards.
: Short-list and select manufacturer

– Quotations
: Obtain quotes from all relevant sources.
: Calculate delivered cost.
: Send quote to the customer
: Discuss options & obtain approval

– Factory Inspections
: Arrange factory audits according to international Standards as directed by the customer
: Carry out inspections before, during, and after production.
: Approve samples before shipping.

Step 3: Inspections & Delivery

– Pre-shipping
: Carry out pre-shipping product Inspections;
: Book shipping date;
: Arrange shipping docs.
: Update customer.

Logistics & Shipping
: Submit docs for export Clearance;
: liaise with shippers for Full and Part-container loads.
: Finalise logistics/handling

Arrival Times
: Update customer with shipping, arrival and delivery dates.
: Continue to monitor progress until DELIVERY