China Products Sourcing

Our China product sourcing services now supply many household throughout the world and beyond with quality products and a service we are proud of. We understands the importance of trust in online sourcing. Products will be supplied to you from approved manufacturers and will be delivered on time and to your specification. We offer you our “factory to warehouse” service where we take total responsibility right up to delivery.

We features more than 13,000 quality suppliers and serves 1,000 international buyers who can make personalised sourcing enquiries via the website. With suppliers’ information being authenticated, and their certificates being verified, buyers can find peace of mind by sourcing quality products/services and dealing with trustworthy companies.

A summary of what China Source and Supply offers:

– A professional service you can trust
– All inclusive “Factory to warehouse” quotes
– Extremely competitive pricing
– Quality assured, approved manufacturers
– Your direct link to Chinese factories through English speaking staff based in the Asia
– Highest level of customer support and service levels
– A guarantee with all products ordered with full credit for any goods that are rejected
– Offices and Inspection Agents based in China
– Continuity of Supply through continuous factory monitoring
– Transparency while working on your behalf “from quote to delivery”
– The lowest shipping & delivery costs

We deliver “Quality Products” “As Ordered” and “On Time”