Cryptocurrency Business Licenses

We provide professional service regarding organization and support of business in the sphere of blockchain technologies.

Who requires this?

–  Startup, IT, FINTECH companies can legally carry out their activities in the field of blockchain technologies.
–  Blockchain providers
–  Cryptocurrency exchange business
–  Investment funds
–  Companies for receipt of cryptocurrency payments
–  ICO/IEO/IXO/STO Projects
–  Miners

License for cryptocurrency business:

1.  Cryptocurrency to fiat currency exchange License
– This license grants the right to carry out Exchange of cryptocurrencies to Fiat currencies (Euro, Dollar, British Pound and other), also carry out opposite exchange of Fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies.

2.  Cryptocurrency wallet License
– This license grants the opening of electronic wallets in order to keep cryptocurrencies or make payments through cryptocurrencies.

3.  Currency Exchange License
– This license allows to directly exchange one fiat currency to another.

Our services:

We offer a full scope of services regarding organization and support of your business.

– Company registration
– Full legal support for obtaining the license
– Accounting services
– Legal support