Blockchain Game

About Blockchain Game

Blockchain games are any games that include blockchain technology in its backend or mechanics in general. The most often use for blockchain tech in games so far has been been to store your items on the blockchain, tying them to your (Ethereum or any blockchain) wallet and making them permanently your own. In contrast to this, in “classic” games, any items that you supposedly own in-game are in fact stored on the game publisher’s servers, as is your whole account. There are many ways for you to lose possession of your assets in this case – server mailfunction (failure or attack), stopped game development, (wrongly?) banned account, etc.

ABD’s Blockchain Game Solution

The mature and rich blockchain game matrix. The game process is on blockchain. The multi-factor random number generation algorithm ensures fairness, and the user self-verification function guarantees transparency and fairness. With the high performance of Blockchain technology, it is able to support the high speed, high TPS and high immediacy of games.

Solution Advantages

1.  Meet high immediacy

With the high performance of the network, blockchain games are compatible with more game types, satisfying instant interaction and having a smooth play experience.

2.  Fairness and transparency

With the open source multi-factor random number generation algorithm, users can independently verify game results, view transaction details to ensure fair and transparent, and create an impeccable blockchain game experience.

3.  Perfect game experience

Various game types and easy to play. Classic games adaptions with excellent art design and gameplay experience.